Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Internet, Websites, Search Engine Optimization And The Helicopter Industry.

Many businesses have or want a website but with the internet being so big and vast, how does one direct traffic to your site? There are multiple ways to gain more web traffic such as search engine optimization, relevant links to your site, articles, blogs, social media and directories to name a few.  

When the correct search terms are used, many businesses would prefer their website to appear on the first page of Google's search results, this is called having your website search engine optimized. The question one needs to ask is, "How does your company website perform when applicable search terms, such as these below, are typed into search engines?"

You can try the Search Engine Optimization Test: In any search engine, copy and paste the search phrase and see where your company, if applicable, is listed in the search results, you will also see that Helicopter Links is listed near the top every time.

helicopter manufacturers
helicopter engine manufacturers
helicopter airframe manufacturers
helicopter commercial operators
helicopter offshore operators
helicopter external load companies
helicopter utility operators
helicopter air charter companies
helicopter logging companies
helicopter agricultural companies
helicopter fire fighting companies
helicopter tour companies
helicopter filming companies
helicopter service centers
helicopter repair stations
helicopter engine repair
helicopter airframe repair
helicopter electrical components
helicopter components and spare parts
helicopter avionics
helicopter windows
helicopter completions
helicopter painting
helicopter stc
helicopter safety clothing
helicopter ground handling equipment
helicopter trade shows
helicopter museums
helicopter magazines
helicopter associations

When typing in specific search words (or search phrases), if your company is not listed on Google's first page of search results, what really are the options? One option is to hire a search engine optimization firm to increase your website's relevance on Google, one could hire a staff of web designers and writers to improve your website's search engine ranking and there are Google Ads which can redirect people to your website. However, how many people are willing to click on Google's paid advertising links? I would think a very low percentage. 

Helicopter Links is another option because it is a worldwide helicopter industry online directory and is free to use by anyone and is search engine optimized. Then the question is, are people willing to click on banner ads on Helicopter Links website? The answer is yes. For example, on Helicopter Links homepage ( during 2012, one advertiser's banner ad received 45% of the clicks when compared to their text ad (located alphabetically within a white border) which received 55% of the clicks. 

Helicopter Links offers one free listing to any helicopter related business and also a variety of categories where any helicopter related businesses can advertise at very affordable pricing. Please contact us and to discuss your company's advertising needs and see how we can help drive more traffic to your website.

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