Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book early for Heli-Expo 2012

HELI-EXPO® is the world's largest helicopter trade show. Heli-Expo® 2012 is being held in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, February 11-14, 2012. The exhibit hall is open February 12-14.

Other Heli-Expo® tidbits
There are also meetings, presentations and special events during the trade show. Remember to lightly pack one suitcase (or bring two suitcases) for the many freebies and giveaways at the show. If you go to your local art store before the trade show, you can pick up a heavy duty storage tube to protect your free posters and large calendars.

Annual Fly-in and Fly-out
If you get to Dallas a day or two early, you can watch the helicopters arriving for the trade show. Also, if you stay a day after, you can watch the helicopters fly away.

Per Rotor Magazine's Spring 2011 issue (page 25), during Heli-Expo® 2011, forty-nine helicopters flew in, the rest were trucked in. Bell Helicopter and Eurocopter flew 90 demo flights from the convention center's own private heliport. It was the first time Helicopter Association International offered a working heliport during the trade show. Helicopter mania! Can it get any better? I don't think so.

Student discount
If you have a valid student ID, did you know you will receive a substantial discounted rate to attend the exhibit hall?

Protecting your free helicopter posters
I like the 25 inch long Alvin Ice Tube. It's a see-through PVC tube with shoulder strap and permanent (anchored) cap on the one end and a removable cap on the other end. This 25 inch long tube fits nicely into your standard suitcase. I usually bring two tubes since there are a lot of free helicopter posters. Here's a link to an art store, with picture and description of the artwork tubes. http://www.dickblick.com/products/alvin-ice-tubes/

Professionally mount your helicopter posters
Now that you have non-tattered and wrinkle free helicopter posters when you get home, you can have your favorite posters laminated and mounted. Go to a local print shop to have this done.

I specify a luster lamination because I like the look (non-glare but not a true matte laminate), it's a cross between the gloss and matte laminate. I specify gatorboard (versus foam core) to mount posters on because it's stronger, has a longer service life and is less susceptible to bending than foam core.

Remember to specify a hanger from the print shop (usually $2 or $3?) and it's well worth the cost, making it easier to attach the poster to the wall. These look nice in the office, hangar or home and also make nice (and inexpensive) gifts.

HELI-EXPO® 2012 website
To make plans to attend the HELI-EXPO® 2012 and for more information see: http://www.rotor.com/events/HELIEXPO2012.