Monday, January 25, 2010

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Web Site

Have you noticed the home page of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant web site? The ease of translating the site into English or back into Russian is superb.

Web masters take note, as I am taking note. I'd like to have this type of translation technology on my helicopter site as well.

Update: As of March 11, 2013, all former Russian Helicopters websites have been deleted and their new website (launched in 2010) is their one and only website.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Helicopter Trade Show Posts

I have recently listed two new helicopter trade shows on the site found here:

The trade shows are HeliRussia in Moscow, Russia on 20-22 May 2010 and Dubai Helishow 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 2-4 November 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Since a teenager, I've loved helicopters. Friends and family might have thought it was a passing interest but my interest has only grown with enthusiasm over the years.

Fortunately, the advent of the internet, my interest in graphic design and web design, living in a city with a high quality free computer school (in San Diego), helped my dream of having a web site packed with helicopter information come true.

My original goal for was to have a site which listed all the helicopter manufactures listed in one spot on the web.

Then I realized it would be fun to also include helicopter air shows, helicopter trade shows, helicopter magazines, helicopter museums and helicopter organizations as well. I also added a small helicopter glossary and helicopter quotes section.

In 2000, I began to learn web design. I made and uploaded the first version of in December of 2002. It's seems like it's been longer. I redesigned the site in 2005 continuing with a flat web design for ease of navigation. I also used better graphics and better back-end code using XHTML and CSS.

This month, I have already made some minor site changes to improve the usability of the site. I have just made plans yesterday to redesign the site either this year or in 2011.

I'd say the main reason why I like my site (besides the fact that it's my site) is that I search the internet and try pack my site with as much information (from a worldwide view) as possible for each helicopter category I have on the site.

The beauty of my site is the internet user will never have to drill down into my site to find information or the lack of it. One way of describing flat web design is it's a method of designing a site where you only need to click once to get any page of information you are looking for. You don't need to keep drilling down into the site to find information.

The other beauty of my site is every helicopter category (or topic) is found on one page. Therefore, if you want to see all the turbine helicopter manufacturers worldwide at a glance, my site allows you to do this.

If you want to see all the helicopter magazines offered worldwide, my site allows you to do this.

On there is no need to drill down into a continent, drill down into a country, drill down into a city to ulimately find nothing. is not like this.

If you like helicopters or simply like aviation, I hope you find a useful site for you.