Monday, October 10, 2011

Fixing Coding Error Which Is Only Seen When Using Google Translate

We found a coding error on our site which can only be seen when using Google Translate (it might also occur on any translation website, not sure). If you are using the site in English, you'll never see the error. We are fixing it now.

To check out what we are doing. Go to the home page or any commercial helicopter operator section and use the translate tool (in the upper-right hand section of our site) and the website content should stay stable.

Pages which have not been upgraded yet, when using Google Translate, you'll see the content section will become one large paragraph. If you go back to English, once there, refresh your browser to reset the content of the site, so it looks normally.

Our goal is to make our site as easy to use as possible by anyone in any country. This was the main focus for our site layout and will continue to be our major reason for any upgrades to our site. Usability and readability.

One of our next upgrades will be to have the background white with gray text. Not sure when we will do this, either by year end or next year.