Friday, December 2, 2011

Have been busy.

It's been busy here at Helicopter Links. Missed posting on this blog for November. However, October was fun being in Beijing, China, on vacation. Now December is here.

I was able to update the site while in China, that was good. Facebook was still blocked in China, as well as Wikipedia and YouTube. However, Yahoo email was working and I was able to email my Facebook posts to a friend in San Diego and he helped me update the Helicopter Links Facebook Fan page from San Diego.

I recently sent a press release to the helicopter industry concerning our web statistics but after it came out, I realized the press release did not have enough information. So, early next week (if all goes as planned), I'll be sending out a more detailed press release with more information about our incoming and outgoing web statistics.

I've been continuing to update the site in November and will be updating things over the weekend. I will also be adding a page concerning our incoming and outgoing web statistics. We are glad about this because we are seeing that we send a lot of traffic to the entire helicopter industry.

We use Google Analytics for our web statistics. This is considered the Gold Standard of web statistics. We also use another web tracking company to track the outbound traffic from our site. So, we have detailed information concerning how many people are clicking on any company listed on our site.

We welcome all companies to call +1 (858) 413-7074 (San Diego, California, USA: PST) or email us for quote. Helicopter Links will help your company achieve it's marketing and sales goals.