Saturday, December 28, 2013

Helicopter Links, Helicopter Manufacturers and the Helicopter Industry

Helicopter Links is one of the few webpages available, and possibly the only website online which lists up-to-date website listings for sixty-eight 68 helicopter manufacturer's whose companies are currently in-production, available for production, plus start-up and research companies. We revise this list throughout the year as new information becomes available.

Helicopter Links is involved in the helicopter industry by attending helicopter trade shows, staying up-to-date by reading industry publications and is in contact with all major helicopter manufacturers. In the last several years we have also written articles about several helicopter manufacturers and have written several articles on strategies for marketing a helicopter company/supplier in the helicopter industry.

As of December 2013, Helicopter Links has media partnerships with 14 helicopter trade shows, which means we help promote these trade shows on our website and social media pages. Many of the trade show ads on our website and Facebook trade show graphics are made pro bono. Here is Helicopter Links list of 2014's helicopter trade shows on our website. Some other interesting web pages on our website include a list of helicopter magazines, helicopter associations and organizations and helicopter museums. Helicopter Links has over 71 sections for helicopter companies and related industry links such has helicopter offshore companies to helicopter repair to helicopter components and spare parts. Please see our full listing of sections on Helicopter Links Site Map.

During 2012, we had over 74,000 visitors and over 86,000 clicks on companies listed on our website. For 2013 (January - December 27), we had over 88,000 incoming visitors and over 109,000 clicks on company links. Buyers are using Helicopter Links to find sellers.

Helicopter Links does accept advertising and a company advertising in one or more sections on Helicopter Links will be discovered by more buyers searching for sellers. Helicopter Links also has a one free listing offer for every helicopter related company around the world. Our current advertisers are seeing an increase from over 50% to over a 600% increase in clicks on their advertising verses those companies with only one free listing on our website.

If your helicopter company or helicopter supplier/service company is looking for more new business sales, to gain more their share of our 109,000 outbound clicks for 2014, to retaining current customers and to further market and brand your company online to the helicopter industry, please contact Mike Hampson, owner, at +1 (858) 413-7074 or for details. We are located in San Diego, California, USA.