Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Updated Our Site Map

I just uploaded our latest site map revision. I think you'll like our upgrade.

A new section for Helicopter Accessories was just created yesterday and just re-reformatted (probably not a word) tonight. Helicopter accessories can be found on our site map, in two different ways.

One, you can simply go under A and look for the list of helicopter accessories we highlight. Or two, our Helicopter Links web site allows you to browse the A-Z sections of the site map to help you find your current (or new) helicopter accessories supplier.

We've cross referenced many words in our site map hoping to make it easy to find information. For instance, if you are looking for uniforms, someone might look under clothing. However, another person might look under uniforms.

So, we have a clothing listing in the "C" section of the site map which links you to the uniform web page. If someone looks in the "U" section of our site, they'll find a uniform listing linking to the uniform web page.

Let us know if our site map makes it easy for you to find information or feel welcome to provide us with other comments. Thanks.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heli-Expo 2012. February 11-14, Dallas, Texas, USA

It's never too early to start planning for the world's largest helicopter trade show in the world, HeliExpo 2012. HeliExpo 2012 is February 11-14, 2012 held at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

(Reminder: The exhibit hall is open February 12-14, 2012. Sunday - Tuesday. For those who are only interested in attending the trade show floor area.)

Regulars Know The Routine
If you are planning to attend, it's about that time to start booking flights and hotel rooms for HeliExpo 2012. The regulars know what to do.

Are You New To HeliExpo?
For those who love helicopters and are new to HeliExpo, you'll have an experience you'll soon not forget. The exhibit hall is open February 12-14, 2012, Sunday through Tuesday.

Not only does the showroom floor have typical trade show booths but many of the booths include real helicopters, in the flesh. There are also static displays around the perimeters of the show room floor. During HeliExpo 2011, they also had free helicopter rides. Hopefully this will happen again at HeliExpo 2012. Talk about anticipation.

Many freebies are given away at the show including full color helicopter posters, pens, helicopter calendars and magazines. Make sure to bring an extra suitcase and if you have a poster tube you can get your posters back home in good condition. Here's the Blick website detailing their well made PVC poster tubes with shoulder strap. See:

They also have about every helicopter magazine available at no cost! You can grab one or two or a stack full of your favorite helicopter magazines. Look for the long magazine rack against the wall when you first enter the showroom floor. You probably have to make 2-3 trips from the show floor back to your car or hotel room, there are that many freebies.

Some More Tips For Newbies
For those newbies on a budget and driving to Dallas, you can buy a one day pass. Be sure to get there a good 1 or 2 hours prior to opening to get your pass. The lines will be long. And if you have a have a valid student ID, you can get in for a big discount. If you are a helicopter fanatic the HeliExpo is worth the time and money spent.

See Helicopter Association Internationals's website for more details.

More pages updated on HelicopterLinks

Here are some more updated pages on

Uniforms, Clothing, Helmets, Headsets
Components Spare Parts Manf/Dist
Components Spare Parts Repair/Overhaul
Avionics Manf/Distrib
Avionics Repair and Overhaul

Consulting, Planning, Management Services
Electrical Battery Manf/Dist
Electrical Battery Repair/Overhaul

Heliport Equipment
Ground Power/Ground Equipment
Instruments Gauges Manuf/Dist
Instruments Gauges Repair/Overhaul

Engines Manf/Dist
Engines Repair/Overhaul
Testing Equipment/Centers for Excellence
Electrical Battery Manf/Dist
Electrical Battery Repair & Overhaul

STC, Engineering Firms, Composites
Airframe and Aerostructure Manf/Dist
Safety Audits/Inspections
Tools and Maintenance Stands
Electrical Battery Manf/Dist

Financing and Leasing
Fuel, Oil, Lubricants and related equipment
Survival Equipment
Hydraulics Manf/Dist
Navigation and GPS

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spell checked the entire site.

A needed spell checked was made for the entire site today. We also cleaned up the words at the top of each category, making HelicopterLinks less wordy, more to the point and easier to use. We still have a couple of categories on the site we hope to finish this week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Improved the Site Map

We just revised the Site Map today (September 19, 2011). Previously, if a category had several related services, the entire name of the topic was linked. It was difficult to read a linked category with too many words.

To fix this problem we linked only the first word (or words) of the category and listed the other related services as text only. We hope it is easier for you to use.

We are planning at least one additional site map update this week and another for October of 2011. We will be adding more categories to reflect the helicopter companies and helicopter support companies in the helicopter industry.

We will always be willing to change our Site Map to reflect needed categories or due to technological changes which occur in the industry. You are more than welcome to send a suggestion if you so choose.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just revised the site to render correctly using Internet Explorer

Spent almost the entire day revising the site to render correctly in Internet Explorer. However, browsers are so finicky, who can guarantee their sites will render as they are intended to? Updating our site should have happened awhile back but better late than never. Don't you agree?

I shouldn't be too hard on myself, when I'm reviewing sites—before I list them on HelicopterLinks—I am seeing many sites which have not been updated for years. Many times, I'm seeing sites with copyrights on their home page from 2005 and earlier. Go figure.

Friday, September 9, 2011

S-92® “Legacy of Heroes” Demo Tour Begins

The S-92® “Legacy of Heroes” Demo Tour has officially commenced. See Sikorsky's official Press Release for details.

According to their press release, the Tour Stops include 10 cities in the United States of America, 10 countries in Asia, 6 cities in India and then continuing to South America! How incredible is that?

Sikorsky made a microsite to follow the progress of the tour. See

A reminder...

We are working on changing the alphabetical horizontal listing of companies (reading from left to right, going from top to bottom) to a vertical listing of companies. We had some suggestions this would be a more natural and easy way to read our site. We agree.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Working on updating the site.

Just a note, all helicopter companies, companies who supply the helicopter industry and helicopter organizations receive one free listing on

We expanded our site this year and are continuing to update our pages and appreciate your patience while this is accomplished. Here are several of our recently updated pages:

Helicopter Insurance
Helicopter Pilot Flight Training Schools
Helicopter Mechanic Schools
Helicopter Simulators which includes software and consultants

If you are currently listed on HelicopterLinks
If your company is currently listed on and you would like to change your company listing to another section, please send us an email or call us  + 1 (858) 413-7074.

If you are *not* currently listed on HelicopterLinks
If your company is not listed on our site, please send us an email or call us  + 1 (858) 413-7074 and let us know.

HelicopterLinks' Categories
To determine which section you'd prefer to be in, please visit HelicopterLinks Site Map to choose the appropriate section or sections. (In your email, please include your city, state/province and country where your main headquarters resides. Thanks.)

Advertising with HelicopterLinks
If your company would like to advertise in one or more sections, on HelicopterLinks, please send us an email or call us + 1 (858) 413-7074 and allow us to provide you with a quote.