Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Updated Our Site Map

I just uploaded our latest site map revision. I think you'll like our upgrade.

A new section for Helicopter Accessories was just created yesterday and just re-reformatted (probably not a word) tonight. Helicopter accessories can be found on our site map, in two different ways.

One, you can simply go under A and look for the list of helicopter accessories we highlight. Or two, our Helicopter Links web site allows you to browse the A-Z sections of the site map to help you find your current (or new) helicopter accessories supplier.

We've cross referenced many words in our site map hoping to make it easy to find information. For instance, if you are looking for uniforms, someone might look under clothing. However, another person might look under uniforms.

So, we have a clothing listing in the "C" section of the site map which links you to the uniform web page. If someone looks in the "U" section of our site, they'll find a uniform listing linking to the uniform web page.

Let us know if our site map makes it easy for you to find information or feel welcome to provide us with other comments. Thanks.

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