Friday, February 25, 2011

Just added the Google Translate Tool Bar to the site.

Reality. Web statistics. There are visitors from all over the world visiting my helicopter site. Visitors from almost every country. We had visitors from about 172 countries in 2010. According to, there are 196 official countries in the world.

(Reminder: Web statistics are not always accurate. Web statistics are more useful to track trends, not exact numbers.)

In the past, I used to list translation sites at the bottom of every page of the site. Talk about making it difficult for the user! The user had to go to the translation site and copy and paste the URL address of my site, into a translation site and then hoped it worked.

I finally added the Google Translation Tool Bar tonight, to the top right-hand corner of the site. This has been something which has been long overdue. My apologies to anyone who needed translation help and was out of luck.

I hope we can regain past visitors and new visitors by trying to make our site as user friendly as possible.

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